Submitting Requests To Your Committee

Especially once I had met my dream mind, I would sometimes write down requests concerning what I wanted to happen while asleep.

Something about writing things down seems to contact other parts of my I more effectively than just telling myself something.

It helps to be polite and address the rest of you with respect. They’re you after all, and they’ll respond better if your conscious doesn’t try to get things done by throwing its weight around as if it were the boss.

Sometimes there is reason for criticism or chastisement.
There are certain things you never forget to do, because they’re easy and fun. These items get a consensus vote from your committee.
As kids, we never, ever forgot to look for the toys in our happy meals.
You can thus see your mind in action and figure out that you are perfectly capable of getting everything right. You just have to have every-you on the same page.
If you are forgetting important things, why not ask your committee what the problem is and ask that they improve their performance.

Yes, your conscious you is the mental aspect that has full awareness and the ability to do things. But we really spend much less time conscious than we realize. You’re only called onto the scene when someyou else decides there’s a need. Otherwise, most stuff gets delegated to the automator.

The rational conscious may have the power to do things, but the other committee members determine which situations we get para-dropped into.

If they aren’t doing their job and you keep getting dropped into nasty situations, let them know they don’t have their priorities straight and that they’re not working together with you properly.

You might be surprised how quickly they respond.


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