The Price of Consciousness

The price of being, of having consciousness at all is very steep. There’s a reason why humans can’t survive on their own very efficiently. It just takes too much energy to keep us running and far too much time to mature from a state of vulnerability in infancy. To pay the price of being, we’re condemned to live in societies.

When I was a kid, I would fantasize about being a dragon that could fly across the Earth, never need food or be dependent on others for survival. Or other times, a sort of invisible disembodied person not constrained by energy requirements and free to travel even across the bottom of the sea without harm.

Does some deep set intuition within us recognize the absurdity of being stuck inside the head of a bipedal ape?


One response to “The Price of Consciousness

  1. Amusingly enough, I have had a similar feeling.
    I am a runner and sometimes, if I’m having a particularly good run I feel like I should be flying. And if no one is looking, I stretch out my arms like an airplane. Then I feel kind’ve sad casue I can’t fly and stretching one’s arms out messes up the mechanics of running.

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